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Milkalies Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies

Milkalies Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies

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Get the double dose of organic and fudgy chocolate chip lactation cookies which are made of oats, flax seeds and other delicious milk boosting ingredients. Milkalies Cookies® are ultimately delicious and formulated specifically to help increase breast milk supply

Let’s Boost That Milk Supply!

All our treats are organic produced in Egypt. They are healthy for mama and baby!
Each box has 8 cookies.
We do not use brewer yeast and all treats are halal.
They can be frozen up to 6 months or kept on a dry place for 7 weeks.

Consumption: Two treats a day to prevent engorgement. Make sure to pump or breastfeed 10 to 12 times in 24 hours for the ultimate result.

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