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Gear Spa & Cleaning

Gear Spa & Cleaning

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Cleaning Service

Did you make a mess? Don't fret!

Our Gear Spa specialized Cleaning Service has got your back. We'll make sure your products get back to their mint condition so you don't have to worry.

All you have to do is book the date and time slot and we'll come pick 'em up!

Pretty easy, huh?

Steps to book your Gear Spa & Cleaning Service: 

  1. Select the desired service from the above options: Steam, Deep or UVC
  2. Click 'Book your Time' below
  3. Select convenient Date & Time 
  4. Select the Product type 
  5. Add to Cart 
  6. Checkout

Steam Cleaning:

  • Removing food crumbs & unusual dust & dirt
  • Fabric scrub for light stain removal
  • Steam vacuum cleaning effective in removing smells & deep bacteria naked to the eye

Deep Cleaning:

  • Steam Cleaning effective in removing smells & deep bacteria naked to the eyes
  • Deeper stain treatment (scrubbing)
  • Body & Chassis cleaning
  • Stroller Wheels (hair removal)

UVC Sterilization:

  • Deep Cleaning followed by UV exposure for sterilization
  • Ultra-violet light disinfecting process will ensure that micro-bacteria naked to the eye are instantly sterilized and unable to replicate.
  • Demoulding

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