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Please read the rules & definitions carefully!


1-Please ensure you select the right product condition after carefully reading the definitions below. 


2-Please note that after receiving the product, and after assessment, if the product does not match the submitted information, we do hold the right to return the product or renegotiate the price. 


3-In case of return, due to wrong information submitted from the customer's side, shipping charges will apply for both Pick up & Re-delivery. 


4-If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via chat or email us at after reading the T&Cs 


Like New or Open Box

This is an item in perfect working condition. The original protective wrapping may be missing, but the original packaging is in good condition and intact with perhaps minor damage. Instructions are included under this category. All product accessories are available. 

جديد (لم يستخدم من قبل و لا يوجد به اي تلف)

Used – Very Good

An item that has been well-cared-for that has witnessed limited use and keeps in good working condition. It may show slight wear signs with minimal scratches or cosmetic imperfections. The product may arrive with damaged packaging, or it could be repackaged, and it could be missing some accessories. Missing accessories should be clearly defined for every item. Instruction manual is available. 

مثل الجديد (استخدم قليلا و لكنه في حالة ممتازة كالجديد تماما)

Used – Good

This product shows wear from regular use, but it is still in good condition and functions as it should. The item may arrive with damaged packaging or could be repackaged. It might also be marked, have identifying markings, or have suffered minor cosmetic damage. It may be missing some accessories or parts such as screws (in the event of a furniture item) or an instruction manual.

حالة متوسطة (تم استخدامه لفترة طويلة و يظهر علية علامات الاستخدام)

Used – Acceptable

An item under this category is fairly worn but does continue to function properly. The item may arrive with damaged packaging or could be repackaged. There will be signs of wear and can include aesthetic issues such as dents, scratches, and worn corners. The product may have identifying marks on it or present other signs of previous use. It may be missing accessories or parts

يحتاج للصيانة (يوجد به: بقع - صدأ - شروخ او كسور)

T&Cs apply