Our Gear-antee & Commitment

Our Gear-antee

Our Commitment to You

We’d never sell anything we wouldn’t be proud to give to our own children. That’s why we perform extensive safety and quality checks before any item is listed for sale.


Our Safety Standards 

We are committed to providing a safer and more trustworthy marketplace for families. All of the items we sell are in clean, working condition.

A closer look at our safety standards: 

  • Every item is inspected for safety and quality. We check that brakes work on strollers, all straps are functioning on applicable products and that no essential pieces are missing from items. 
  • Our gear experts clean, inspect, test and photograph each item before listing it for sale.
  • Each item is wiped down with eco-friendly, disinfectant that is baby and kid safe.

Our Gear-antee to you:

  • Shop With Confidence: We only sell products we'd be proud to give our own kiddos. We sell quality checked items that are in clean and working condition. 
  • Resale Done Right:  We make shopping second-hand feel like new. We always list product details so you know exactly what you’re getting. If your order does not match the description, please check our return policy.
  • We Support Parents: Selling a lot of brands, in a range of conditions, always at fair prices—we provide unbiased gear expertise so parents can confidently find products that work for their family and budget. 


How We Inspect Each Product 

All products undergo a thorough safety and quality inspection by our gear experts before they are listed for sale for another family to purchase. 

We have a thorough inspection process at Kiddo and we inspect every product—even open box items. This means that we open the box to make sure it's safe and functioning for the parent buying it. 

We aim to make shopping second-hand feel like new, that's why we only sell clean, quality products. 

Here’s how that works: 

  1. Check to ensure there are no safety issues
  2. Verify all fundamental parts are present
  3. Wipe down and take detailed photographs before listing 

Our car seat inspection process

  • Kiddo trained experts examine every gently used car seat before listing it for resale on our site. 

Once the item has been thoroughly checked and has passed our inspection process, we will list it on our site.

Items We Don’t Accept From Sellers 

We do not accept any item deemed unsafe or unfit for use. In the best interest of our customers and families, we do not accept: 

  • Broken or otherwise unsafe items 
  • Mattresses 
  • Items that are outdated
  • Footwear & clothing (baby, kid, and maternity)
  • Bedding (sheets, crib bumpers/liners, blankets, changing pad covers without a pad, etc…)
  • Stuffed animals
  • Books
  • Feeding gear (bottles, bibs, cups, utensils, nursing covers, cart covers, etc…)
  • Over-sized outdoor equipment (bicycles, slides, playhouses, power wheels, large yard toys, etc…)
  • Strollers and bike trailers that are more than 10 years old

How We Clean Products 

On top of being thoroughly inspected, each item is cleaned by a gear expert. We wipe down each product with an eco-friendly disinfectant that is baby and kid-safe. 

The bottom line: We only list items on our website that are in good, working and clean condition.

Please note, we are an online platform that buys and sells used gear products. We do our best to inspect and clean each item thoroughly, and list notable damages or staining in the product description and/or photos, so shoppers can make an informed decision.